Marine Aquarium

Distance from Hotel: 30 kms

The Zoological Survey of India’s Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre in New Digha was built to educate the masses on marine biodiversity and conduct research on marine life. The aquarium section was opened to public viewing on 04 Feb 2003. Built of 6.5 acres of land, this is India’s largest inbuilt marine aquarium with 24 tanks totalling more than 2.5 lakh litres capacity. Showcasing a diverse range of salt and fresh water species like horse-shoe crabs, anemones, fiddler crabs, starfishes, rays, sharks, scatophagus, terapons, groupers, sucker fish, eels, sea snakes, lionfish, tang fish, clown fish, wrasses, puffer fish and many more, this Aquarium facility primarily creates awareness on marine life for the visitors.